Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Finds: Exciting Announcement

I have a very exciting announcement. To celebrate the autumn season (which I love with a passion), I will be hosting a 13-week Featured Artist Series. I am so excited!

I recently realized realized that I have the kind of community that a hippie, feminist, dreamer thinks she can only imagine. Some of the people who make up my intimate, little community have been in my life for many years, while others have come into my life (or back into my life) more recently. My community helps me to stay strong. I have been blessed enough to feel the ripples of love that come from community as one connection puts so much great energy into the universe. So, I want to help put even more of those ripples out into the universe, by sharing others’ passions. I met you all in different ways – some in a class where we shared a passion, others are friends of a friends (and now, my friends too). These are precisely the connections I’m talking about.

There is a beautiful diversity in the line-up. I will showcase fiction writers, bloggers, poets, musicians, a visual artist (drawing), a crafter (jewelry and other crafts), an actor, photographers, a filmmaker, and a mixed-media artist. Lots of the artists do mixed-media, but most of them will be focusing on one craft.

So, please come back every Friday starting two weeks from today Friday, September 25, 2015, to see the first installment of the special edition of Friday Finds: Featured Artist Series. And come back each and every Friday to see some of the stunning talent that will be showcased.

Peace and Love


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