Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Finds: Kindle Unlimited

I sort of fell ass backwards into this Kindle Unlimited membership. Not even sure where I stumbled upon it, but I do love free trials – and I have learned to put an alarm on my phone at the time I sign up to remind me to cancel in time so I don’t get charged. I thought I was supposed to have 30 days free with KU, but it looks like it is 60. I dunno, maybe that was a glitch, but I have not been charged and I signed up in July.

I’m actually not a huge fan of reading on “a device.” I think paper is the best device to ever hold words, personally. But, I’m glad that such devices exist, considering the amount of material waste we humans create each year. Sometimes I make an exception. One time I had to order a textbook so late that I needed it yesterday and I conceded to buying an online version. Definitely not a fan of reading textbooks online. I can handle short stuff though: poetry, short stories, articles etc…

Last month when I reviewed stories from Robbed of Sleep, I accessed this journal through KU. I am going to use Twitter to connect with others who want reviews for their shorts. I just don’t have time for novels right now – depressing.

There is a great variety of stuff on KU, and for those of you who actually prefer to read on a device, I think this is an amazing price. At only $9.99 a month, you can get your fill of great reads, and give exposure to those who are self-publishing and using small markets. Check out Kindle Unlimited. 

Peace and Love

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