Sunday, December 13, 2015

Spirit Saturday: The End of a Season

As all seasons end, so too must I accept the changes that have come to be with our blog. Change, in general, is really hard for me. But I've learned that letting go is really key to being healthy, and so Whiskey and I have decided that the past six months here on Blogger, should come to an end. We are hoping to reassess and make a new and stronger blog in the future. I am opening myself up to whatever change the universe has for me. Part of the changes I plan to make also include beginning a solo blog. I've fallen in love with blogging over the last six months and the summer and autumn season of 2016 were special and beautiful to me. Many changes in my writing career are imminent - I can feel change in the air. I hope you'll join both of us as we continue to grow both separately and together. Thanks for everyone who was a part of this leg of our journey. 

Peace and Love

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  1. Musing in the moment, and a bit lonely for your spirit, I haunted this blog on this Christmas Day. I'm sorry to see it go, but want you to know that I gained confidence and friendships through this portal and I hope that you will keep me posted regarding your future endeavors. Be blessed in all you do!