Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Tuesday Review: The Writer's Workout Cont'd 2

This week we're continuing along with the Writer's Workout book.

In the previous post we discussed days one through three. Math's not my strongest subject but I'm pretty sure that puts us at number four next. Haha.

Number 4. Promote Yourself:

In today's digital age it's kind of mandatory for writer's to have some form of web presence. Well okay, maybe not mandatory but it's encouraged. Having a way to interact with your fans helps to create more loyal fans as well as draw in new ones.

A writer platform is an important piece of the promotion puzzle. It might even be the most important piece.

That's the entire point of this blog that Summer and I have started. It's a way for us to showcase some of our fiction writing. It also helps the  nonfiction side of things as a way to show off our personal style of more casual writing.

Number 5. Micro-invest In Learning:

I'm not sure that I agree this is required for creating a great writer, but it sure doesn't hurt. I didn't get this memo though, I major-invested in learning with a BA degree and I'm totally loving it.
If you're interested in learning about writing there are plenty of classes and workshops online, some are even free.

Summer and I love learning about the craft of writing. I once had another writer friend tell me that they couldn't stand reading books on the craft. I found that really strange. I love learning about things that I love and finding out ways to constantly improve myself. I'd think that anyone would love learning about something they're passionate about, but I guess not. People are strange...

Okay. That's all for today folks. I'm not feeling well but I'll return tomorrow with a new post!

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