Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Finds: Feature Artist - Tyrone Logan

When I first had the vision for the Featured Artist Series, I knew I wanted an eclectic mix of mediums and styles. I have lots of friends and family who art artists, but not a whole lot of musicians in my life. Luckily, community is a wonderful thing, and Tyrone was introduced to me through a friend. His music is soulful and beautiful, and I'd like to welcome him to the Whiskey Summer family. Check him out!

Artist Bio
Tyrone Logan is a versatile musician and songwriter from Dallas, TX. Like fellow Texas native Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tyrone has deep roots in the southern blues/rock sound, but also draws influences from music greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, and Depeche Mode. Classic rock, blues, and modern melodic rock are all at the forefront of his style, although Tyrone often ventures out to areas such as country and jazz. While the guitar is his prominent instrument, Tyrone also has a history in playing piano/keyboards, bass, and drums. Tyrone is often hired out to play for conferences and studio sessions, and is able to quickly pick up a new style. Currently the Music Director at his home church in Texas, he has a knack for bringing musicians and singers together. When not working with groups or in the studio, Tyrone is constantly writing and recording his own songs.


Tell me a little about how/when you were drawn to your art.
From a young age, music was always prevalent in my life, starting with my mother teaching my older siblings and me to sing. Ever since then, creating music has come naturally for me, and it’s definitely when I feel the most comfortable. What really helped me find my voice as a songwriter was when I founded my own band and began writing lyrics and music for various instruments. I knew that I wanted to write and perform when I would come home from playing a show and I would still want to pick up an instrument immediately. 

What are some of the things that inspire your art?
A lot of times, inspiration is a continuous thing. I always seem to have a song or melody in my head that I’m working on. Musically, an interesting sound will spark up a new melody, or even hearing a random piece of music will be enough to push the creative process forward. Lyrically, I like to paint a picture or tell a story by conveying what’s on my heart. Whether it’s a feeling, an emotion, or event that inspires me, I try to make sure that comes through in my music. 

Tell me one way in which you have seen yourself grow in your craft. 
Perpetual learning - I know I can’t just remain stagnant and rest where I am. I am always looking to build upon my skills by studying the professionals that I aspire to be like. The best way to make sure I’m growing is to perform as much as I can, with as many other artists as possible. I see that my “musical vocabulary” has increased when something that was once more difficult gets easier with practice and performance. 

Do you create other kinds of art as well as the craft you are featuring today?
In addition to music, I also enjoy drawing, painting, photography, videography, and producing. I even enjoy making websites as a creative outlet every now and then, including my own, which I am in the process of remaking. 

What are your goals for your art?
As far as goals for music, I would like to be successful enough for this to be my livelihood. I would also like to teach and help others develop their craft, as well as continue to get hired for studio sessions and live events. 

A Sample of Tyrone's Tunes
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Website Links:
Instagram – @tylomusic
Twitter - @TyLoMUSIC

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