Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Finds: Featured Artist Series - April Winter

Happy Friday everyone. Today I am so happy to feature a friend who I have recently reconnected with. April and I were friends since grade school, and fate brought us back together this past summer. I have thought of her fondly through the years and along with all the other lovely memories I had of her, I always wondered if she was still drawing. I have been so blessed to reconnect with this lovely soul; it is as if we were never apart. Today I am proud to share some of her amazing talent. Her spirit shines through in all that she does.

Artist Bio

April Winter is an artist of all mediums, which began in illustration. Originally from a small town in Massachusetts where much of her fascination with art began in architecture having grown up nearby to a local church. She studied courses at home after high school while placing time into the care of her grandparents. Today she sets most of her sights on Native American art and portraits, as well as paintings that reach back into spiritual historical placement, often straight from the heart of imagination. Today she regards the earth as her church and her art as gifted to her by the Great Spirit.


Tell me a little about how/when you were drawn to your art.
I was initially drawn to art pretty much since I could pick up a crayon. To me I could sort of escape the world and make it whatever I wished it could be.

What are some of the things that inspire your art?
Often I would walk to the local park in Massachusetts near to wear I grew up. The quiet was a comfort and really the earth was my truest friend. Trees were a main focal point.

As a writer, I make it a priority to reflect on my craft to ensure that I am growing. Tell me one way in which you have seen yourself grow in your craft.
I have found that working in the arts it can heal on some level the things that I've been effected by in this life. I've also had to realize that it wasn't a "cover" for what was going on in my life. Despite being able to create a new "world" I had to also wake up to the real as well, that its not a true escape but rather a means to comfort and heal. There are things in this world we have to face no matter how hard it can be to do so. Make art beautiful but remember to make reality beautiful too.

Do you create other kinds of art as well as the one you are being featured for?
Besides the visual illustrating and painting I make leather medicine pouches and jewelry, and when I can't focus to those things I have a love for photography.

What are your goals for your art?
Currently I am working on going to college to further my education in the arts. I also have an upcoming art show in Vermont which I'm pretty excited about. I think my main goal was influenced by the words of my stepdad, Domingos Joaquim (a Master Engraver whom worked for Smith and Wesson and Milton Bradley for years,who passed away in 2012);"When art becomes more work than fun it isn't the same, never lose that part of it. Even being successful can have its downfalls." That is my goal, keep enjoyment in it. That's real success.

A look at a couple of April's drawings.

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