Thursday, July 23, 2015

Promptly Thursday: Talking to Appliances

     Whiskey and I are both focusing heavily on writing our stories for the Halloween Anthology, so we decided to post work from a past prompt we did. Last winter or so we had a unique prompt from our writing group. I'll be honest, I don't know precisely how it was worded. I believe there were two options, one being to write a letter of apology to an appliance. The other variation is what I can't recall, and I think that is the one that I went with. So here are our unedited prompts from that evening.

Dear kitchen appliances, utensils and cookware,

I would like to apologize. I realize that I don't always use you in the proper manner to which your directions state. You see, some of you are greater than you think and are capable of functioning for more than only a single purpose.

Coffee Grinder, I am aware that your function is to shatter and break apart those beautiful, dark, aromatic beans, which give my brain the fuel it needs to cope with life. However, what you may not be aware of is that you can also mince fresh rosemary, thyme and sage to perfection. This makes you multi-talented. Be proud of that fact.

Chef's Knife, you are my love, my one and only, my partner in crime, as well as, my partner in perfection. To you I say thank you. You have never let me down. Thank you for standing by my side and being my go to guy who is able to cope with any task that I throw your way, whether it be cutting through carrots or cutting through bone. Thanks for always being up to the task and staying sharp. I have nothing to apologize to you for.

Cast Iron Skillet, you are another wonderful multi-tasker. The things you can do make my heart sing. The way your perfectly seasoned pan glistens with oil and the way you cause the cornmeal mixture to jump and bubble is nothing short of godliness. I also love your heft. The weight of you in my hands lends me your godliness. That muted thunk and then the crunch of his skull was music to my ears. Thank you for lending me your strength.

Stock Pot, I realize that you are meant for making stocks, but now I will use you for a batch of stew. I know you always hated how he hurt you, scratching your beautiful bottom with that rough scrubber sponge. So tonight I shall feast and you will taste his brains long before I do.

Thank you my darlings, for being so kind to me. I sincerely apologize for his mistreatment of you. But it's all over now.

Chef J

 Author ~ Whiskey Black

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