Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Whiskey Wednesday: The Spastic Writer

How many of you have ever had a great idea and then five minutes later forgot what it was?

Yeah, me too. I do this all of the time. Like, not even joking. I'm a total freaking spazz. It doesn't seem to discriminate between simple thoughts or really impressive, mind blowing ideas. Nothing is immune to the scatteredness of my brain.

This is where carrying a notebook and pen with you at all times comes in handy. Fleeting thoughts, random snippets of an overheard conversation, names of people or places, write down anything and everything you find even the slightest bit interesting.

Aside from random inspiration inspired by your surroundings it also comes in handy dandy for jotting down those little bits of storyline ideas or blog posts that you think you might remember, but you end up forgetting anyway.

Yup. My lesson has been learned.

Never shall I leave my notebook at home again.

Author ~ Whiskey Black
Listening to "Valley Of The Dolls" by Marina & The Diamonds

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